Monday, September 15, 2008

Striking it rich in North Dakota

North Dakota Oil Boom is bittersweet

First of all, let me say congratulations to all the hardworking people of No Dak who have 'struck it rich' in the last year. Anyone who has read my blog knows I'm not a big fan of oil drilling. But this situation is by far and away better than say, opening up ANWR. This is land that is already in use by the public, not a national park. I also enjoy the fact that actual PEOPLE are benefiting from this boom, not just the government and big oil companies. I hope that their new found riches don't change them, and that like the man who went out and bought himself a heated tractor (oh, sometimes I wish I had one! Or at least one with a seat {Bobby ate mine} and a radio!) they choose to spend their money locally, invest in their community, and in the land itself.
I sympathise with the people who are bothered by the boom. I know the feeling. If I lived right smack in the middle of the thirty acres that I love (stole your line, Marty Robbins!) I would still be too close for my own comfort to other people. I loath traffic, the noise and the dust it creates. I don't like to see my small town changing. My biggest issue here is the use of hydrofracturing to reach the oil deposit, and the storage of the oil. I'd like to see an environmental impact report on these subjects. I think I'll go research hydrofracturing.

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