Friday, September 12, 2008

Rancher accused in death of Bison

Hello, Associated Press! And thanks to my friend Pam for sending me this article.

First off, I want to know what makes this dumbass software mogul a "Rancher"? Does he raise satellite dishes? Hmm. There is no mention in the article of whether or not he also raises other livestock on his land.
Second, I personally am of two minds about open range livestock ranching. I do think that owners of livestock certainly have a responsibility to keep track of their animals, and keep them out of places they shouldn't be. That said, it sounds like Mr. Downare, the owner of the slain bison has always had a good track record for recovering his animals when they've strayed. I also think it behooves (haha, pun) anyone in open range country to fence their own property properly in order to keep unwanted animals out. Bison can't be held off by a single strand of hotwire, like a dairy cow. In Arizona our fenced yard looks almost like a military compound, more of an effort to keep deer, coyotes and javelina OUT than to keep our dogs IN. Arizona, or at least our part of it, is also open range country. If I woke up to find a cow in the yard, I would not blame the rancher. I would say to myself, "Gee, how'd that bugger get in? I guess I'll just haze him out and check the fences." Let it also be said that I do not consider Bison to be a domesticated animal, and as such caring for and containing them is probably very different from cattle, and other considerations need to be made.
My favorite part of this article is where the 'Rancher' Software Mogul (note my sarcasm) insists that he shot the animals 'to protect himself'. Because like, maybe he might DIE if he didn't have satellite television for a day! God forbid one of His creatures should poop or shed hair on your lawn.
Bottom line for me is: If you don't want buffalo pucky in your yard, GO BACK TO YOUR CONDO IN TEXAS! and leave the "pristine pasture on rolling hills" to the buffalo!

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