Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A question for the presidential debate

Today I got an Email from the folks at the WE campaign (WeCanSolveIt.org) inviting me to submit a question for the next presidential debate using the MySpace official debate page. Well. Me and Myspace, we don't get along. So I decided to go ahead and phrase my question and post it here on my blog.
So here it is.
My question is, why in a time when the government seems so hell-bent on privatizing everything from banking, to health care, to social security (all of which I think are BAD ideas) has no one spoken about privatizing Green energy? Why are you not encouraging people to take their fate in their own hands and go Green for themselves, rather than waiting for the government to pile on the bandwagon and organize everything for them?
The answer is probably simply the fact that the government wishes to maintain control of the energy industry through the use of companies going Green large scale. Think Solar fields and Wind farms. But folks, why are you letting the government control you, and how you spend your money? Because believe me, you're still going to be spending money. Wind and sunshine are free. But the technology used to harness them isn't. If you have to pay for it, why pay someone else? It sort of like leasing a car for five years and then returning it to the dealership. You've spent just as much money as if you'd bought the car, but now that you're done spending, the car is gone. If you have to pay for it, why not just keep it? Just like buying a new vehicle, making your home a Green Energy home is an investment.
I'm not saying it's going to be a cheap investment. According to the nifty calculator I found a while back...and I will post a link to when I find it again, because I could swear I already did...Anyway, only taking into account a very loose estimate of how often the lights, tv, and such are on, and the energy consumed by only our major appliances, my nifty calculating friend has informed me that it would cost about nine thousand dollars to install a solar system to support our house. My mother's house, which is considerably larger, clocks in at around 20-25 thousand. Yes, it's a considerable investment, when remodeling. It's much easier and less expensive to incorporate solar and wind power into your home when you are building a new home. But consider the benefits:
If your system is big enough, you may have little to NO electric bills.
If you live in a state which allows it, you may even receive payment from the electric company for any surplus energy you make.
Have you ever looked at your electric bill closely? For some people almost half their average cost of electricity is eaten up by the transfer. There are taxes and fees for transformers, for lines, for exchanges...plus some of the electricity that is made at the plant is lost in transmission. Just because that electricity fizzled off into the ozone layer doesn't mean you didn't have to pay for it. And here is the kicker for me: You can live completely off the electric grid if you want to. Ever wanted to just escape? Go for it! Build your mountain cabin and never worry about a snow storm knocking out the power lines. Even better, never even have to LOOK at powerlines! I hate seeing powerlines.
So basically, here are my thoughts on the subject: I don't believe that the green energy initiative is the government's responsibility. I believe that it does and should begin with the individual.
I believe that this 'privitized' form of energy will save energy, and money.
I believe that our leaders should be encouraging us to strike out on our own, energy wise.
I believe that grants and loans specifically for green energy projects should be more visible and more easily accessible to the common consumer.
I believe in energy independance, not just for our country, but for INDIVIDUALS.

I believe a lot of other things, but I also believe that I've worn out my wounded mouse arm with all this typing, and I need to take a break. Surely, I will touch on the subject again in the future.

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