Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mad bloggin' on wolves

My friend Quis got me started reading various blogger's articles on Palin last night, so that naturally led me to a succession of articles on feminism, and wolves. Here are the ones about wolves.

Her Deadly Wolf Program

Killing the Wolves again
This one made me cry. R.I.P. Limpy, of the Druid Peak pack. The Druids are my favorites.
It also highlights the amazing kinship of all living things...who knew reintroducing wolves could help Aspen trees grow? And actually increase the number of Pronghorn Antelope?

What horrifies the wildlife watchers is killing a wolf just for being a wolf. "For anyone to just go out and shoot a wolf without any reason, [a wolf] which hasn't gotten into any trouble, is criminal," says Connolly. "It's dishonorable, disrespectful of nature, and it shows an extreme lack of understanding of how the natural world works."

The wolf in all of us
Unfortunately this one appears to be older, and as we all know, Bush changed his mind. Still, a good article.

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