Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Laugh of the Day

In my latest Sierra Club newsletter:
"Hawaii's Next Top Models

Hawaii’s Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, established in 2006 by President George W. Bush (no, that's not a typo) are home to extraordinary sea creatures rarely seen by humans.Photographers Susan Middleton and David Liittschwager accompanied researchers to the usually off-limits Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and photographed loose-limbed turtle hatchlings, neon-colored angelfish, fluff-ball tropic bird chicks, and more in Archipelago: Portraits of Life in the World's Most Remote Island Sanctuary. You can see excerpts of their haunting images in the most recent Sierra magazine."

I'm sorry the whole "No, thats not a typo" thing just cracked me up.
As soon as I have time to do some more research look for another issue on Biofuels.

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