Tuesday, August 14, 2007

America's Symbols: Mustang update

Aha, found it. The 2007 BLM Wild horse and Burro round up schedule. Be warned, this is a pdf file so if your computer hates Adobe Reader as much as mine, I feel for you.
Now apparently the BLM conducts roundups year round (this I didn't know) but the really heavy business seems to be through the months of July, August, and September. July is the height of foaling season, while, especially in the southwestern states like Nevada, August is still high summer and brutally hot. All in all the BLM plans to remove almost seven THOUSAND horses from their rightful range this year. One of the herds listed for a heavy reduction is the Little Book Cliffs herd, made famous by the equally famous "Mustang Annie." This was the herd that inspired her, and they are slated for a reduction that could put the herd below genetic viablility and ultimately cause its collapse. Also listed is the herd of another famous 'person': Cloud, wild Stallion of the Rockies, known for his starring role in Ginger Kathrens' documentary. Drastic population control experiments are being used on Cloud's herd, actions that will soon doom this iconic herd to genetic failure.
~updateupdate~ My apologies for the continued delay. I've had no end of computer problems the last couple weeks. This is the second time I've written this apology because the last time my computer just randomly crashed...when I'd been surfing the web for an hour, five seconds after I start typing (CRASH!). Anywho. Some good news from the The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign: there will be no repeat of last years disasterous Sheldon roundup (see my last Mustang blog entry for more details) thanks to public outcry over the death and damaged caused by the ill-planned and poorly carried out roundup.
On the other hand, while not dealing necessarily with WILD horses, there is some disturbing news from Malaysia. Visit my fellow blogger for more information on the subject of these abused and neglected animals, including all the info you need to contact the Malaysian gov' and add your voice to those protesting.

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