Friday, January 28, 2011

Super Crops = Super weeds!

My friend Carrie has become a great source of fodder (that's an alfalfa pun, haha) for my blog, of late.

I think I did a post on this subject before...or maybe I just thought about it. Or posted a link to an article without adding any extra thought.
Personally, I think that proper management of your soil can go a long way towards eliminating weed problems without having to resort to dangerous chemicals. Not a big fan of chemicals. If not for chemicals I might have had another older sibling. If not for chemicals and other latent toxins in our modern world, ADD and autism might not be mysteriously on the rise. Things like this seriously make me half afraid to eat anything I haven't grown myself. I'm eying the apples on the counter with suspicion right now. Not to mention those nefarious bananas in the bowl on the kitchen table...God's only know what was in that preservative-laden fruit cup I just ate!

Anyway, if you shop at Whole Foods or any of these other supposedly 'organic' markets who are bowing to the weed killer charlatans, you might think about writing them a letter and expressing your opinion about that.

P. S. I like the term 'greenwash'.

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