Monday, January 12, 2009

Powellton Coal violates agreement

Hey kids, sorry for the lack of updates in the new year! I had a wicked nasty virus, but I'm better now. Here's a nice copy/paste email from Stop Mountaintop Removal to get you up to pace.

Powellton Coal Company is currently in violation of the terms and conditions of their surface mining permit for polluting the headwaters of Rich Creek in West Virginia. Now they're trying to get their permit renewed by the Department of Environmental Protection. Make sure this doesn't happen!

Large scale surface mines like Powellton's Bridge Fork West Surface Mine are environmentally devastating, resulting in wide-scale deforestation and water pollution. This mine is located between the New and Gauley Rivers, two of the premier whitewater rafting rivers in the United States! Although laws and permits are supposed to minimize the effects of mining, the laws only work if coal companies obey them. Powellton is definitely not! So why should they be rewarded with permit renewal? Tell the DEP to deny their application.

Take action to stop Powellton from polluting West Virginia even more! Sign this petition today or send your own letter by January 24, 2008 to:

Ed Wojtowicz
DEP Regional Office
116 Industrial Drive
Oak Hill, WV 25901

If you send your own letter, make sure to say that it's in reference to Powellton Coal Company’s Application to Renew Surface Mining Permit Number S300301.

Thank you for taking action!


Your friends at Stop Mountaintop Removal

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