Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A President for Conservation

Congratulations Barack Obama and all the new democrats who were elected to office yesterday! By electing these new leaders, we the voters have been instrumental in bringing change to Washington, and will soon be helping to reverse the damaging environmental policies America has suffered from for the past 8 years. Read Defenders of Wildlife President Rodger Schlickeisen's statements about the election:

Obama Administration offers opportunities to advance environmental issues
Nov. 4 Press Release

You can also try to dig up Obama and Biden's Conservation Report Cards here.

Just remember, folks, that the work doesn't stop here. Just because we've elected new administration does not mean that our job is done, and we can sit back and let them take it from here. It's as important as it ever was that we continue to vote when necessary, petition, rally, fund raise, and continue to make our voices and thoughts heard, not only to our new leaders but to our friends, enemies, family, and neighbors as well. Animals don't have a voice. The oceans, our rivers, and our air cannot speak for themselves. We must do it for them.

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