Saturday, August 23, 2008

A long awaited....


Yes, thank Gaia, finally.
I will be out of town and away from the computer until Sept. 2, so hopefully the world keeps spinning without me blogging, haha.
It has been years since I've had more than four days off, and six days in the desert seems like a blessing. Hopefully I will come back with some great pictures to share, and maybe a few good enough to add to my new ImageKind Gallery. If I ever manage to get the Living Gaia website up and running all of my Living Gaia related products from both Cafepress and ImageKind will then be available in one place, along with Amazon search engines for 'green' products and books and other products of interest to like-minded people. Which will also hopefully mean less of the ads on this blog, more space for pictures and the like!
Consequent to taking a vacation I did some math and figured out that aside from the obvious loss of pay (I don't get paid vacations) I almost SAVE money by going on vacation, because I'm saving gas not going to work and saving money on eating and such. Scary that.
So, heres hoping everyone else has a great Labor Day weekend! I'll be thinkin' of ya'll down in my canyon.

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