Friday, May 9, 2008

Republican TV?

Welcome to my rant!

So, we've been noticing a trend in tv recently, a Green trend. New shows from how to build or remodel your home to be more 'green', to a show about turning a classic chevy into an electric car. From 'The Human Footprint' to 'Aftermath: Population Zero'. Shows that highlight the impact we have on our world, and give us ideas about how do it better.

So what is up with the new shows on the History Channel and TruTv? I'm talking about 'Ax men' and TruTv's new 'not reality, actuality' show about oil drilling. Haven't we just taken a HUGE step backwards here? What is this, television for eco-exploitationists? Did someone make a poll of tv viewers that suggested that middle-aged white republican men who made their money from the oil and logging industries were feeling left out? What comes next, CourtTv comes up with a show following young, successful Washington lobbyists trying to buy support for bills to open up our national parks and forests to timber and oil speculation? RFDTV tries to make a hero out of wild horse wranglers, chasing day old foals with helicopters? It just doesn't fly.

I have officially boycotted 'Ax Men' and TruTv in general (because really, it might as well be the 'Britney Spears photo voyeurism channel' for all its relevancy.)

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