Sunday, March 16, 2008

Conservation Report Card

Ever wonder exactly how yours and other government representatives voted on a certain subject? Check out Defenders of Wildlife's Wildlife Conservation Report Card and see!
I'm in a split district and don't know my nine digit zipcode offhand (you might need it to view your specific representatives) so I've just browsed through the full senate reviews. It seems like we've got their ear now days when it comes to renewable energy and energy conservation, but we're not getting through on the topics of wildlife and land conservation. Every amendment to the farm bill seems to have been turned down. Sometimes (most of the time?) I wish I'd been born years ago when many of our representatives and even presidents were farmers, ranchers, and other such men and women who loved America's unique wildlife and wide open spaces. Sure, a lot of them still come from families with a TRADITION of farming and working and appreciating the land, but how many of them actually DO it?

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