Monday, July 2, 2007

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Blogger was having a mental problem about the length of my post/title/ wouldn't tell me which. So I truncated it and will post the end part here!
If you live in the Tucson/Marana, Phoenix/Mesa areas or are planning a vacation in the Southwest any time soon I HIGHLY suggest a trip to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. They have WONDERFUL exhibits, animal, mineral and historical, from a walk-through hummingbird aviary to an underground adventure in fossil excavation and gemstones. Hike, bike, or drive around their 8-mile wildlife loop road and see everything from roadrunners to tarantulas, javalina, coyote and mule deer. Climb on the Really Big Rocks (official name, just kidding) because its a blast! And if you stop by the gift shop get me some cactus candy. Please? I'm begging you.


the lazy wanderer said...

Hi..just came across your blog by accident. I think it is amazing and you have put in a lot of effort to have those articles and pics in there as a blog. Keep it up! Someone appreciates yr work. I live in the tropical countryside in Malaysia and after seeing what you've done, am thinking of collecting pics and info abt the animals in my area. Thanks.

Jax said...

By all means I encourage anyone I have inspired! Malaysia has some amazing and unique species and some serious problems with keeping them safe, so I think it would be wonderful if you started your own blog to highlight them! Thanks for commenting, and good luck!