Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The border wall: the truth about what we're keeping out

Someone please enlighten me if I'm missing something, but I'm really not getting how the proposed Border Wall is supposed to keep illegal immigrants out. Read some of the completely off-topic comments about the wall on the Sierra Club's blog.
How many times have we seen news clips showing illegals simply climbing over such obstacles before? Now show me a news clip of an endangered ocelot climbing over the wall, and I'll think about giving you my blessing to build it. The plain truth is, the wall isn't going to keep them out. In fact, its quite likely that the added obstacle will only create MORE environmental damage as they try to find other ways around/under/over. Historically, walls have been a grand gesture with often enough little actual effect. But that's just talking about humans.
I hate to break it to all of you, but humans aren't really my issue. In fact, I don't even really LIKE us.
Unlike a lot of people who are reading the Sierra Club blog, I'm not focusing my concern on my job (and I happen to work in an industry fairly well inundated with illegals) , or our country's economy (that's a whole other issue!) but on what the Sierra Club is SUPPOSED to be about: The land and the animals. Conservation. As they say "Explore, enjoy, and PROTECT the planet."
It is true that illegal aliens crossing the desert often leave trash behind. Big problem, right? So lets build a big stupid ugly wall around our entire country to keep them out, that'll solve it! Not. If you Arizonans are so concerned about this trash HERE is an idea for you: Why don't you and your local Sierra Club Chapter organize a clean up day? Now I'm not saying that solves the problem, but it certainly does help, instead of sitting there at your computer bitching about garbage and the economy. When is the last time you picked up an empty soda can you found on the side of the road, honestly?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Conservation Report Card

Ever wonder exactly how yours and other government representatives voted on a certain subject? Check out Defenders of Wildlife's Wildlife Conservation Report Card and see!
I'm in a split district and don't know my nine digit zipcode offhand (you might need it to view your specific representatives) so I've just browsed through the full senate reviews. It seems like we've got their ear now days when it comes to renewable energy and energy conservation, but we're not getting through on the topics of wildlife and land conservation. Every amendment to the farm bill seems to have been turned down. Sometimes (most of the time?) I wish I'd been born years ago when many of our representatives and even presidents were farmers, ranchers, and other such men and women who loved America's unique wildlife and wide open spaces. Sure, a lot of them still come from families with a TRADITION of farming and working and appreciating the land, but how many of them actually DO it?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Aerial Gunning Update: Please help stop it!

I wish I had the time to keep up with my goal of four or more LG articles a month, but with spring coming and the days getting longer my own days get longer as well! Never the less, here is the latest on Alaskan Governor Palin's anti-democratic attempts to continue the aerial slaughter of wolves and bears in Alaska.
As I've mentioned before, twice in the past when it has come to a vote Alaskan voters have voted AGAINST aerial gunning, and twice they have had their decision overturned. What is the point of living in a democracy if our votes mean nothing? And horror of horrors, Governor Palin is being considered for VICE PRESIDENCY? That's it. I'm moving to Canada. Mr. McCain, you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking a bout it! Governor Sarah Palin is a politician of the worst sort, running smear campaigns against defenseless wildlife, and secretly trying to push bills through legislature that would strip Alaskan voters of their right to weigh in on key wildlife issues such as aerial gunning! Even if you care nothing for wolves it would be wrong to allow this sort of fascist manipulation to continue.
As always you can donate to Defenders of Wildlife to help them continue to run ads exposing Governor Palin's attempts to neuter Alaskan voters, or you can simply personalize and sign this handy petition.