Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't let them build a railyard in our state park, Arizona!

From SaveThePeak.org:

"Picacho Peak State Park and the surrounding areas are in danger. On November 29, 2006, the Pinal County supervisors unanimously voted to revise the general plan, allowing industrial use at the base of Picacho Peak. They gave Union Pacific a green light, encouraging them to purchase just less than 1500 acres of land at the base of the peak to build a mega railroad hump/switching yard. This yard will cover an area that is over six miles long and three miles deep, along the I-10 corridor.

A group of concerned citizens and experts voiced dozens of reasons to stop the rezoning, ranging from the adverse affect to the natural environment to a moderate chemical spill that would shut down I-10 for a minimum of 12 hours. The Pinal County supervisors did not waiver, dismissing the environment and public safety in favor of the slanted report, submitted by Union Pacific, showing economic growth.

This report was not site specific; the rail yard does not have to be built at the base of Picacho Peak for Pinal County to benefit from any potential economic growth. The Picacho Peak site was chosen because of the decrease cost to Union Pacific. In 2006, Union Pacific set an all-time quarterly record, growing 15 percent to $4.0 billion in operating revenue. They can afford to build at another location.

This yard will adversely affect the natural environment and future economic development of Picacho Peak State park area. We need your help to fight this “David and Goliath” battle -- with your support we can convince Union Pacific and the State of Arizona to choose an alternative site that does not destroy our coveted natural resource for generations to come. Click here to send a letter and to post your thoughts.

The decision now lies with State Land and the Governor. Please help preserve the peak for our future generations. Get involved now."

Picacho Peak is truly a land mark in Arizona. I call it 'Draco's Mountain' because for some reason to me I can just imagine a big ol' dragon perching up on that craggy peak. Passing it is a highlight of my trip every time I drive up from Tucson to Phoenix. Don't let the Union Pacific and the government desecrate our State Park! Go to SaveThePeak.org and voice your thoughts now!

They want to put a 6x3 MILE railyard here?! (damn blogger pictures aren't working AGAIN. Visit the Gallery!)