Friday, September 14, 2007

Continuing controversy for Condors

I signed on today with the simple intention of apologizing for my lack of updates this past month. I have been plagued by set backs from computer problems (Memory upgrade is on the way, and re-installing the browser should help a little) to the tragic death of one of our school horses which has had me depressed for days. I signed on with that intention, and to make note that I was going to re-install the code for my news ticker because it didn't seem to be updating when lo'! and behold! it worketh!
I've been having difficulty posting lately because there seems to be this revolving merry-go-round of issues that never get solved, like the wolves and wild horses. I want desperately to write something NEW but I must plug away at the issues at hand until SOMEONE stands up and MAKES A DAMNED DIFFERENCE. But I digress. Today's issue is also on the merry-go-round: Lead shot poisoning California Condors (not to mention other predatory birds.)
I love this quote. "Some scientific studies say lead bullets are poisonous to the federally endangered birds." Alright folks lets sit down and think about this. Lead. Is. Poisonous. We don't need to do any more scientific studies to 'suggest' this. Condors, hawks, eagles, ravens, they ingest lead shotgun pellets when eating carrion, they get lead poisoning, they die. Hence, and let me put this in little words so the members of the NRA can understand it: Lead shot bad. I'd like to note that I pointed a finger at the NRA before even finishing the article, in which Democrat Nava alluded to the same association.
"I think what it says to other Fish and Game commissioners is if they don't toe the [National Rifle Assn.] line, their jobs are in jeopardy," Nava said. "If this is all it takes to change the composition of the Fish and Game Commission, there's more stability in the Iraqi legislature."

Typically, the NRA could not be reached for comment. (Bowling for Condors, anyone?)